Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Saturday morning I was awakened by snuggling with S. I love waking up next to him. I didn't want to get out of bed so he decided to help motivate me out of bed. He gave me a nice long hand spanking to get the blood flowing.

We had a total lazy day, just laying around and watching tv. That night things kinda changed. I had a lot of energy so I was being kinda bratty. S gave me a good spanking then turned off the lights to go to bed. I had a different idea.

We started snuggling and S was getting really hard. So I started giving him a hand job. All of a sudden he wasn't tired any more. We played with each other for awhile until I started messing around and trying to smack his bottom.

He definately isn't a switch. I got in about 3 swats and paid the price for all of them. He got up and turned the light on and paddled me good. I was laughing the whole time. He turned the light back on and I kept messing with him. Which ended up getting me a few more spankings before we fell asleep. We had such a nice weekend. I really needed it.

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