Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Im Back

Wow, I feel so out of the loop. I am sooooo far behind on reading blogs and seems like forever since I have posted. I do have some things to talk about and I will very soon. I have started doing somethings that I said I would never do, but have been greatly enjoying them. I also met a guy recently, we have been talking alot and have enjoyed it greatly. He is a sweet guy and is totally a spanko too. He likes to be spanked and likes to spank. Right now its only been online and on the phone, but hopefully this summer it will be in person.

So all that to say, ALOT has been going on in my life lately and been taking up my time. But never fear I am back. I missed you all.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

S is a sweet man, but gives hard bg spankings!

I haven't been really spanked in forever. Last nights spanking really hurt. I took a picture this morning and my bottom is still red. I will definitely be remembering this for a long time. I had this one coming and a lot more. I know it doesnt look very red, but believe me it hurts alot!

I love spending time with S. He is such a sweet guy. He found out something that I had been wanting to get since I was a kid and tried to get it. It was a collection of a certain cartoon that I used to watch. He found a place that sold them but they were out so he got me a gift card so I can go get it when they get it in. He is so thoughtful.

We started out just messing around and cuddling on the couch
(I would have been fine there all night :) But he wasn't too keen on that idea. So he made me follow him upstairs and take off my pants. I was really submissive last night. I am not normally that way. Usually I have a huge attitude when I am going to get a bg cause I dont want it. But I was really submissive.

I have been extremely emotional lately because of some things going on in my lif
e and some high stress stuff as well. So I thought I was going to be a mess. But I didnt even cry at all. Dont get me wrong, the spanking really hurt! But I wasnt fighting it like I normally do. I guess it was because I knew I deserved it all.

He started with his hand over my panties. I love the feel of his hand on my bottom. It makes me feel really cared for. I swear he has paddles for hands though. He started off slow with his hand, but not for long. He then grabbed a paddle, and laid into me. It really stung.

After he had spanked for awhile with the paddle he pulled down my panties. It never ceases to amaze me how much panties help with the sting. Then he got his new strap out.
Not just any strap, but the Corporal Punishment strap from the London Tanners. That thing is so evil when used for punishment. I was really trying to stay still but I kept wiggling which got me a bunch of swats to my thighs.

The swats kept coming and coming. It was really weird, but I wasnt thinking about the pain. All I could think about is not lying anymore. Yeah it hurt, but it hurt alot more inside knowing that I had let S and myself down.

After the strap, he pulled me over his lap and spanked for what seemed like forever with his wicked bath brush. I dont know which is worse the bath brush or the strap. When he was done spanking me I just curled up and put my head on his chest and he held me. I love that feeling after its all over of just being able to be held. It makes me feel so loved and cared for.

S is one of the sweetest guys I have ever met. He knows what he is doing. He never pushes me further then I can go. He can use the same implement in so many different ways. I have been spanked a bunch of times by him but he has never left a mark on me. I dont know how he does it. He spanks harder and longer then I have ever been spanked before and no bruises ever. He is a one of a kind guy.

Thank you S for just being you. I really needed that last night. Thank you for holding me and for just showing that you care. You mean the world to me!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

BG Spanking

Tonight is the night. I have had this thing hanging over my head for a couple months now and S told me I am getting it tonight. Truthfully I am a bit scared. I know he wont hurt me, but bg spankings hurt really bad.

Last time I got one he pushed me pretty close to my limit. We were talking yesterday and he said I was going to get a little more then I got last time. So I am a bit scared. I know I should learn from it and not keep screwing up. I am really trying to be good. But it's like after awhile of being good, the naughty side comes out and I mess up.

Is anyone else that way, where you go for awhile and can be good, and then something just happens and the naughty side comes out?