Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Spanking Ive Always Wanted

I finally got the spanking I have been waiting my whole life for. I asked S a while back to test my limits. Well about 3 weeks ago he did. He is such a sweet man. I dont know what I would do without him. One of the best friends a girl could have.

To be totally honest, I was scared. I knew it was what I wanted but I was scared that it would be too much. I think S knew how scared I was because he started spanking me pretty much as soon as we got into the room.

He started out with me over his lap on the bed with his hand. I love the way his hand feels on my bottom. He spanked me like that for quite a while and I loved it. He had told me to bring something that he could spank me with (not that he doesn't already have enough toys). So I brought a wooden spoon. I thought it would be innocent enough. Boy was I wrong. That thing hurt! He has a habit of finding one place and spanking that one place till I'm wiggling all over the place and then he finds a new place and starts all over.

After the spoon was his assortment of paddles and the bathbrush and the strap. I dont really remember what order they were in, just that I think I got everything he owns used on my bottom. For awhile I kept thinking, "This isn't so bad, I can take it", and then it hit me how badly it was really hurting. He gave me a "safe word" although I refused to use it. He spanked me to tears and then just rubbed my back.

It felt so good to finally get what I have been wanting for so long. He told me I got the "tough cookie" award, because my bottom blistered and he had to stop before I used the safe word. He definitely showed me my limit. He didnt push me past it, and I knew he would do exactly what I wanted him to do. Tomorrow I may be getting another spanking, we will see.