Sunday, February 24, 2013

Story written by a friend

Melanie sat in the hotel room waiting for Matt to text her.  She had been waiting for this moment for a long time.  Matt hadn’t talked to her in over a year, and suddenly he had called last week, wanting to meet up with her.  Matt had a bad habit of not talking to her for long periods of time, and she was fed up with it.  Matt would pay for ignoring her all those times.  So Melanie had given Matt an ultimatum:  she would meet him, but only if Matt let her punish him for not talking to her in over a year.  Matt was hesitant at first, because he knew she was mad at him, but he finally agreed to meet her today at a hotel room.  They had agreed upon meeting at noon, and it was 11:55am.  Matt would be texting her soon, and she couldn’t wait.  If he was late, he would be in even more trouble than he already was.  So she laid there in the hotel bed, naked, staring at her smart phone, waiting for some sign that Matt was ready.
She laid there for what seemed like forever, and her phone finally beeped.  Matt was in the parking lot, waiting for her to give him the room number.  She glanced at the clock and noted he was 10 minutes late, and would pay dearly for that.  She sent him the room number and waited there for him.  She had propped the door open slightly, so that he wouldn’t need her to come to the door.  She was wet with anticipation.  A few minutes passed, and she could finally hear somebody walking towards her door.  The person stopped, and started to come in the door.  She made sure that it was Matt first, then said
“Lock the door behind you and strip.  You have 30 seconds to get undressed.”
Matt kicked his shoes off and started to undress.  He was wearing jeans and a t-shirt, so he had no trouble undressing in 30 seconds.  He stood there waiting for his next order.  Melanie wanted him to sweat a little, so she let him stand there for a few minutes in silence.  She couldn’t help but notice that he had a raging hard-on.  She desperately wanted to run her hands down his naked body, but that would have to wait.  Finally, she said
“Turn around and put your hands behind your back.  You are not allowed to talk unless I ask you a question, do you understand?”
“Yes Ma’am,” he replied.
“Good boy”.
He turned and faced the wall, with his hands behind his back.  He knew he was in trouble for being late, but he hoped she took it easy on him.  In the back of his mind he knew she wouldn’t.  He felt the coldness of steel on his wrists, and then heard the click of handcuffs.  She put a blindfold over his head and pushed him over towards the bed.  Once they got to the bed, she shoved him down onto the bad and said
“Get on your hands and knees and stay there until I tell you otherwise.”
“Yes Ma’am,” he replied.
She watched him quickly get into position and she was pleased with how well he was obeying her.  Maybe she should be nice to him for a little while before his punishment.  She climbed into the bed and got into a position so that his head was between her legs.
“Since you are being such a good boy, I’m going to let you eat me out before we start your punishment.  I want you to start licking my pussy and I don’t want you to stop until I tell you to stop.”
“Yes Ma’am.”
She grabbed a clump of his hair and shoved his face into her pussy.  He began to furiously lick her and it felt fantastic.  She had forgotten how good he was at giving oral.  He started to slow down a bit, so she grabbed his hair and pulled his head back…
She slapped his face as hard as she could.
“Don’t you dare slow down like that again or your ass is grass!”
“Sorry Ma’am, it won’t happen again!”
She shoved his face back into her pussy and he went at it even faster and harder than before.  After only a few minutes had passed she had already had three orgasms, she could get used to this.  She wanted to see how long Matt could go before slowing down again.
Fifteen more minutes had passed, and Matt showed no signs of stopping.  As much as she was enjoying this, it had to stop, because this was supposed to be a punishment and he was enjoying this too much.  She slid up further in the bed, away from Matt and reached across the bed for her panties.  She shoved them into Matt’s mouth and then starting wrapping saran wrap around his head.  She didn’t want Matt screaming during his punishment.  She wrapped it around his head several times until she was sure he couldn’t move his jaw.  Matt was starting the breath heavily now, she could tell he was scared.  She walked to her toys and grabbed the spreader bar, and quickly attached it to his legs.  She tied each end of the bar to the bed leg, so that he couldn’t move his legs at all.  She took the handcuffs off his wrists and stretched his arms to the head of the bed and tied them tightly to the headboard.  She made sure everything was tight and she was sure that Matt wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon.  He was trapped there until she let him go.
“It’s time for your punishment Matt.  Do you realize you were 10 minutes late?”
Matt tried to answer, but the gag in his mouth made that impossible.
“I am going to use the strap on your ass 100 times, 10 per minute you were late.  You have been a good boy so far, so I’m making it 100 strokes total instead of 10 per cheek.”
She hit him as hard as she could ten times.
His ass was turning a nice shade of pink, and she still had 90 to go.  Matt was pretty tough, so she had to swing harder than usual.  She hit him 40 more times without stopping, swinging as hard as she could.  Matt was starting to whimper now, and she could hear him trying to say “please stop”, but the gag was working so well that she really had to try hard to figure out what he was trying to say.  She sat the strap on the bed and ran her fingernails down Matt’s red butt.  He tried to pull away from her, but he had nowhere to go because of the spreader bar.  She loved how much he jumped when she ran her nails across his butt.  She reached between his legs and grabbed his cock.  He had gone soft from the beating, so she was clearly doing a good job.  She rubbed his cock for a little while until he had a raging hard-on.  She could hear him quickly moaning through the gag.  She grabbed his balls as hard as she could and twisted them while pulling them away from his body.  He screamed into his gag.  She grabbed a wooden spoon and wacked him on the balls 50 times.  Matt was crying now and his cock had gone completely soft.  She repeated this process several times, until his balls started to bruise.  He was in tears now, sobbing through his gag.
She placed the spoon back in her bag and picked the strap back up.  She swung the strap as hard as she could and hit him another 50 times.  His entire ass was a deep red now, and he was breathing heavily.  She put the strap back in her bag and grabbed the hairbrush paddle.  She knew Matt hated this paddle, so it should definitely get his attention.  She started with the back of his thighs, quickly alternating between his legs.  He was desperately trying to get away from her, to no avail.  She did this until his thighs were as red as his ass was.
Her arms were starting to get tired, so she decided to take a break.  She climbed back into the bed and slid down until her pussy was right in Matt’s face again.  But this time he couldn’t pleasure her because of his gag.  She took off his blindfold and made him watch while she pleasured herself.  She so badly wanted him to eat her out some more, but that would have to wait until later.  Every once in a while she would slide down on top of his nose, preventing him from breathing.  She loved knowing that he could only breathe when she wanted him to.  Breath play turned her on so much.   She would wait about 20 seconds each time, and then she’d let him catch his breath, then she’d start over again.
Her arms were feeling much better now, so it was time to finish Matt’s punishment.  She reached into her bag and got out the long bath brush.  This was her most evil toy, because of how long it was.  Even if she didn’t swing hard it hurt like hell, but if she did swing hard, it would leave welts.  Some of the redness had gone away, but it was still pretty red.  She started on his left ass cheek
The welts surfaced almost immediately.   She moved on to his right ass cheek
She could hear Matt sobbing through the gag.  She felt sorry for him, but he deserved every hit.  Maybe he’ll think twice about ignoring her next time.
Matt was trying hard to get out of his restraints.  But she had restrained him to well and he wasn’t going anywhere any time soon.
Every hit was causing a new welt.  She was running out of places to hit him.  Matt was in tears now, and she was sure that he had learned his lesson.  She untied him and petted him until he stopped crying.  She laid in bed with him until he fell asleep in her arms.

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