Monday, June 11, 2007

Friday Night

Friday night was such a needed getaway for me. We finally got together after we both got off work. We snuggled for awhile I love just laying on S. He understands me so well. We had about an hour left till we had to head out to the movie. So he said it was time to play a little. I got up and ran away from him. I like playing hard to get sometimes.

He caught me pretty quick and pulled down my pants and bent me over a chair. I guess thats what I get when I run away from him. I was laughing really hard. I probably looked really funny as I was bent over and laughing. He started spanking me with his hand. I love that so much.

After my bottom was nice and pink, he pulled down my panties. I think he likes looking at my pink bottom. He went and got a paddle. The one he chose is about half an inch thick and is a dark wood, its kinda shaped like a hair brush but it has a long handle.

That paddle is both stingy and thuddy. It felt so good to be paddled by S. He spanked me about 20 times then let me go over his lap. His hands feel awesome when he touches me all over my body. I love it when he rubs my bottom. He spanked and rubbed my bottom for quite awhile. It felt so lovely.

I finally got my wish to go to a movie with a warm and sore bottom. I hope to do it a lot more often in the future. That was just the beginning of our weekend. I'll tell you more later.

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