Monday, September 3, 2007

More New (to me) Blogs!

I added a few new blogs that I absolutely have fallen in love with over the past week. Hope you all will check them out.

Bratty's World - Definitely a new favorite

Cassie's Space

From My other side

My Spanked Cheecks

Southern Angel Finding Her Way- Another one that you really should check out

Through Iris Eyes


Chromia said...

Yes, you really should check out Southern Angel's blog, I know I like it. :D

And I added you as well, figured you wouldn't mind. :)


BB said...

Thanks for adding me. That was so sweet of you!

Hugs, bb

Southern Angel said...

Hello BB,
Thanks:) I am definitely a regular on all the blogs you mentioned and I just found a new favorite, yours!

BB said...

Thank you Southern Angel. You are so sweet.

x said...

Thanks for linking to me...I have returned the link back and have really enjoyed your blog. I'm glad you have become a part of my regular reading now. :)
padme amidala