Sunday, November 11, 2007

Door may be closing

I may be closing my blog for good. With all the stuff in the news about people losing their jobs and things having to do with Myspace and with Blogs, I am beginning to think this is not worth it. I love this blog and have thoroughly enjoyed your comments and encouraging words. I just need some time to think this through. I dont know for certain if there is any way where anyone could actually figure out who I am but I am pretty sure there is. I just have to figure it all out!


Bonnie said...


If you want to write me, I have some thoughts on this topic.


Cassie said...

BB honey, I only had to worry about a husband. It never occurred to me that anyone else would ever care. I know that Eva at Nothing Random has gone private for the same reasons. I hate to see people do that because so many people have to be left out but it is better than going away.

Write Bonnie she is one of the smartest folks out here!


Constance said...

AUGGGGGGH - I think it can be private as long as you don't give personal info like your last name and so forth away !

Southern Angel said...

Hi BB,

I understand where you are coming from since I don't want anyone in my family or work life to find out about my blog. I will miss you if you stop blogging, but I would understand.


Anonymous said...

BB, I can sympathise with you although my reasons for stopping blogging closer to home. I can still see how this could affect you. I admit to terribly missing the blog I had and the free way I could write but it was the right thing in the long run.

I agree with Cassie talk to Bonnie she is smart as a whip!