Monday, November 19, 2007

Guys I need your help!

Lately I have been reading everything I can about F/M spanking. It really turns me on to think about it. I dont know why I had never concidered it before.

But here is the thing, I know that spanking (at least for me) is both physical and mental. I know that I can physically spank a guy (its not rocket science lol), but I dont know if I can do the lecturing and scolding and stuff like that.

Guys I need your help here. When you are getting spanked by your girl, what do you expect her to say? What is going through your mind? Does your girl scold you while she is spanking you? Would you let me spank you, even though I have no experience?


Constance said...

Hope that you have a yummy and wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, BB !

Anonymous said...

I would imagine that each guy is different. You need to find out what he wants before you spank him. You've been a bottom...just turn it around in your head and do to the guy what has been done to you all this time. I love being scolded. Sometimes I want to be that naughty little boy who disobeyed aunty and is now getting his fanny tanned with LOTS of verbal chastisement...ALL THE WAY THROUGH THE SPANKING...A SLAP FOR EACH WORD: YOU "SMACK" HAVE "SMACK" BEEN "SMACK" A "SMACK" VERY "SMACK" NAUGHTY "SMACK" BOY...AND MORE DURING PART OF THE CORNERTIME WITH HER WHISPERING IN MY EAR!!! Sometimes, I just want to disappear and let the spanking do the talking. Find out before you start. And yes, of course I'd let you spank me even though you're a are you going to learn if people don't give you a chance.

john said...

No problem if you're not experienced. Every domme did spank for the first time once.
Scolding? When you're really you"ll know what you want to tell him. Otherwise it's only play. Watch others or a good spanking video. Goodluck.

BB said...

THanks for your help guys. I really think im going to do it. Annie, I hope you had a very good thanksgiving as well.

Anonymous said...

I know some people are totally into the scolding, but it's not a big part of Anne's and my sessions. Instead, for me, it's all about her getting her game face on. She tells me some time during the day that I'm going to get one, then, when the time comes, she orders me upstairs, undresses me (or orders me to undress), tells me to "assume the position" then gets down to business.

By the way, thanks for the comment on my blog. At my age, I'll take every compliment I can get!

Anonymous said...

I think that you would have no problem giving a spanking because you are a spanking bottom. A lot of giving a spanking involves an understanding of what the mind set it and what the implements feel like. What the pace should be. I think that it's much harder to top if you have never bottomed, since you don't know what things feel like. You have to get all of your information from observation, rather than having experienced it yourself. So I suspect that if you decided to switch, you'd be good. As far as finding a naughty boy to spank, if you don't already have one on hand, they're pretty easy to find. Many naughty boys have to pay for someone to spank them, so I suspect that with a little patience you could have your pick.

LDD-4-Me said...

There was only one relationship that I was in where I was spanked a few times as I'm most always spanker and not spankee. The situation was such that I was topping from the bottom.

The thing of it is, I never really felt remorse at having dissapointed the spanker. It wasn't in my mind (came close once) and wasn't something I ever thought about so effective and meaningful scolding or actually the lack of it could certainly be a big part of it, I know it is when I spank.

So, actually I've never yet met a woman who could actually spank me with any positive result. Sure, physically I was sore for a few hours and once for a few days but whatever wall I might have has never been broken down.

I've considered that what might be the perfect relationship for me would be primarry M/f yet would include some mutual DD. Don't know if I'll ever find it.