Sunday, November 4, 2007


I finally got spanked. It was about 2 hours ago and my bottom is very very sore. It was not a fun spanking, because I was in trouble for disobeying him. I wont make that mistake again for awhile.

He made me drop my pants right away. And started by swatting my bottom while he was lecturing me. His hand really hurt this time. I guess cause I havent been spanked in awhile. Then he made me bend over the bed and spanked me with his paddle. It really hurt.

Then he made me lay on the bed and he sat down next to me and put his arm around my waist. He started spanking me really hard with one of those plastic mini blind rods. He stopped and I just laid there for awhile.

I thought it was all over and then I heard that dreaded sound. I couldnt believe it. I heard him undo his belt and pull it through the loops. I started shaking and just saying no. Before I could even think about it any longer he was going to town on my bottom with it. He made me count them too.

That was not a spanking I want to repeat very soon. But at the same time, it totally fulfilled my need for a spanking. And I still get to see S this coming weekend. I am really looking forward to it. I just hope my bottom is not sore by then.


Constance said...

Good Sunday evening BB.

You are braver than I am. His hand, a crop, a paddle, mini blind rod and then his belt - OUCH !
How many did you have to count to ?

While I fantasize about a brief punishment spanking done during sex, my pain threshhold is so low that I don't like being spanked hard at ALL.

Reading about it turns me on, and it sounds like it fulfilled you, even if you don't want it repeated very soon.

Hope your bottom is not sore by this coming weekend, and if there are any bruises or welts, they fade FAST.

Constance said...

I masturbated about this post all night last night. It was hot to read then. Still is now...

BB said...

Im glad you liked it. It turns me on thinking about it, but while it was happening, I definitely wasnt thinking about being turned on. It hurt like crazy. But believe me, I didnt do anything that he told me not to do today. Thanks for the comments! Im glad someone reads my blog.

Southern Angel said...

Hi BB,
Ouch, that spanking doesn't sound fun at all! I think you took it well, especially now that you've post a pic of your bottom. Are you still getting another spanking this weekend?!?