Thursday, November 15, 2007


For a long time I have thought that I am a bottom and thats all there is to it. Recently I have been asked by 2 different guys if I would be willing to spank them. I had honestly never thought about it before. The more I think about it, the more fun I think it would be. I am not sure I could do it or not. I guess I will find out when we get together in a few weeks.

Even if I find out that I couldnt spank him seriously, I still want to try. I know that sounds really odd, but hey, you only live once right? Has anyone else ever thought about switching roles just to see if you like it?


Anonymous said...

Not really, but for one man I could do it if he asked, which he wouldn't. Good on you BB, some of these fellas like it just as much, so why not.


emily said...

Im kinda the same way. I think I could. And the thought really kinda excites me. But at the same time I dont think that I could ever spank anyone on a Disciplinary level.

Anonymous said...

I've spent most of my spanking life as the male, dominant spanker figure in all of my relationships. Spanking naughty girls was all I could think about. Recently, I experienced a powerful desire to switch and instead of trying to analyze it to death, I just went with it. Granted, it was a real trip, but I loved every minute of it (well not every minute...ow!). It was amazing how easy it was to get my lady to go along with it. Unbeknownst to me, she had been harboring dominant fantasies for a long time but wouldn't mention them for fear of damaging our relationship. All I can say to you BB is, if a man wants to drape himself over your knee, give him what he's asking for. Actually, you will be functioning as a bottom by helping him connect with himself and his innermost desires. Or, if that doesn't float your boat, consider it payback for all of those red asses you had to endure over the years...LOL! I've found that it has quite nicely balanced out our relationship in a Yin/Yang way.
my Lady told me to tell you that i typed this whole letter standing up with my pants down and my hot, red bottom exposed and promise to be a good boy from now on (that's what She thinks, heh heh...OUCH!)oooh, just wait till it's my turn again...

Anonymous said...

I haven't personally had a desire to switch, but it's because I'm really working on becoming less dominant and domineering, so switching from receiver to giver probably wouldn't be a good thing for me. But, if you're open to it, why not give it a try? Anne (my wife) says that nothing beats the power rush of "forcing" me to bend over and take a spanking.

Southern Angel said...

Hi BB,
I sometimes feel bad for men who want to be spanked since it much be harder for them to find spankers than for women who like to be spanked. But, I'm just not into switching. If you do it, hope you enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

I bet it would be Fun!
(uhhh, do you wanna spank me??)~~