Monday, November 5, 2007


I know I said I wasnt going to put pictures on here until this next weekend. But I need some help on how to make the bruises disappear. If you have any ideas, please let me know.


Anonymous said...

arnica gel, lots of ice, and lots of rubbing

Southern Angel said...

Hi BB,
Hmm, looks like someone got you good this weekend! I recommend lots of arnica gel. You can find it at vitamin and health food stores; runners use it on sore muscles. It helps bruises heal twice as quickly. Next time, just say no to wood!

Constance said...

Good Tuesday morning BB,

It my be a bit too late now since your spanking was a few days ago, but next time you can take these prior/have them all on hand for immediately afterwards...

Take bromelian supplements 3x a day, use Vitamin K cream, and take homeopathic arnica montana called Sin-ech, which is stronger than the 30x you get at the health food stores.

I use a website called 'Make Me Heal'... They have supplements for pre-and-pot op surgery, that help aid prevention of and speedy healing of bruising.

Next time, even try applying Traumeel immediately afterwards - you can find it at your local pharmacy.

Constance said...

Those aren't going to disappear by this weekend, BB. No way, no how, no matter what supplements you take, unfortunately.

It may take up to three full weeks before they are all gone.

The one that will take the longest to heal is probably where the bruising is deepest, with the largest one on your lower cheek.

Next time you let him play that hard, make sure it's not when anyone else is going to to see your bottom anytime soon afterwards :)

Loving Annie

BB said...

Thanks for the help. I got the arnica gel and the little pills too. I know they wont heal by this weekend, but at least they hopefully will lighten a bit. I cant wait till Friday when S and I get to play. I just hope it doesnt hurt any more by then.

emily said...

Arnica is definitely a spankee's gest friend. And cocoa butter lotions keeps your sking extra soft and smooth. :)

BB said...

Thanks for the tip Emily. Oh and I dont think that it was the wood that left the marks.