Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Keyward Extravaganza

spankings together
I prefer one spanking at a time. Although I have been spanked by both of his hands at the same time. That is quite fun.

pull your panties down for a spanking
(runs and pulls them down quick)

spanking bbs
Wait a minute, who's spanking me now?

please spank my naughty bottom-
I wonder what would happen if I asked S that?

getting spanked with your pants pulled down
is there any other way to get spanked?

bent over a chair
no thanks, I prefer OTK

she was going to spank him
I tried that before and it just ended up getting me a spanking

hairbrush chair girl spank or spanking or spanked
hmmm, a hairbrush chair. Don't tell S about that one, or he might try to build one.

ouch ouch spanked again
yep, that sounds about right

she got bent over for a spanking
I wish i was in that position right now

warm her bottom
Yes, please do


Bonnie said...


One of the little known pleasures of operating a blog is that all these lovely people stop by with their keywords to entertain us.



Anonymous said...

Hehehehe... those are so much fun!!