Sunday, July 22, 2007

Random Ramblings

Its been a week since I have been spanked, and it seems like so long ago. I really wish that I could get spanked whenever I wanted or needed it. I guess its just not in the works for me yet.

I am trying to lose weight, and S is being a huge encouragement to me with it. I have read a bunch of blogs where people get spanked if they dont reach certain goals and stuff like that. That really isnt for me. I need to do it for myself. Although, I can totally see how it could be a great motivator if I knew that I was gonna get it bad every week if I didnt try hard to lose weight. But at the same time, then I would just gain it all back as soon as that stopped.

I am really going to be dedicated to losing the weight now. I am thinking about even posting on here each week as to whether or not ive lost any for that week. Maybe that would give me the encouragement I need. Anyone have any ideas that could help me?

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