Monday, July 23, 2007

I Screwed Up Big Time!

Have you ever done something and before you do it you think, "thats gonna get me into trouble", but you do it anyways? Well, thats what happened today. I dont know why, I did it, but it just happened. I was in my boss' office and was asked a question. I knew where my boss was going at this point so I just said I was too busy to do the job. Well, that was a total lie. Truth is, I just didnt want to do it. So then I was asked what was so important that I had to do, and so I had to make up something else. It all seemed like it wasnt even me in the office talking, but it was. Yes, I got out of doing that job, but I think I am in much greater trouble when S finds out. If you remember, I got my first punishment spanking for doing the same thing. I think im gonna get it.

S, if you are reading, I am sorry for not telling you when we talked earlier today. I was just scared to tell you. Im sorry :(

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