Friday, September 7, 2007

Corner Time???

The more I read about spanking and about people in spanking relationships the more I am finding that most of them do corner time. I do not think that I could ever stand in a corner and take it seriously. I mean come on, I am a full grown adult. I am not an out of control 5 year old. I do not understand the purpose of it nor how someone could willing go and stand there with a good attitude. Maybe I am wrong about the whole thing. What are your thoughts on corner time?


Southern Angel said...

Hi BB :)

JD and I do a little bit of corner time but I don't like it and I don't at all find it erotic. I think he likes the idea of staring at my bottom while I'm in the corner. At least I don't stay there very long because I get bored very quickly!

I know other couples use corner time to help the spankee focus on the spanking, but I just get bored and fidgity. Some women do like it; Vivian of the Disciplined Feminist wrote a very interesting post on corner time last March.

x said...

I have posted pictures of me in the corner on my blog in the past. I like being in the corner...I quess it makes me really realize the consequences of my actions and to have time to reflect on my punishment and also a bit of humiliation also.
I know some people may not be too into but I do enjoy that aspect of play with Master Anakin...
padme amidala

BB said...

thanks for the views on corner time. I guess the reason I was against it is from the embarassment/humiliation factor. But i guess if im in trouble then I shouldnt like it. Thanks for you thoughts

PK said...

We never do corner time. I feel like you you, I would probably just feel silly rather than sexy. Now if my husband wnated to try it I guess I would be willing to give it a try. Now that is the reality but I will say that many stories that I have read can make it seem much more erotic than I picutre it!


Anonymous said...

Corner time can be a great way to build up those pre-spanking butterflies. It can be used to reflect on the reasons for a spanking... and as a way to calm down and accept the reality of what is to come. So, there are several possible benefits,

When you think about... the same things you said about corner time, could be said about spanking. How can a grown adult submit to a spanking? Well, with the right person... it can work.

~Todd & Suzy

Anonymous said...

It's not even up to me. I don't like it, but isn't that the point? For my man it's all about control and making sure i've learned my lesson, to obey. If I fight him with corner time, it only means a worse spanked bottom and more time in the corner. Although it is boring and hard not to touch my butt after a spanking, I do fidget (often earning me more spanks). I do get satisfaction, however, knowing that afterwards i'm all forgiven.

Anonymous said...

We use corner time. When I am punished by corner time I am sent to stand in the corner facing the wall in the lounge at a set time and day. Say 1pm on a Saturday afternoon. I hate having to watch the clock before hand so I am not late taking up my position. I have to stand naked, hands on head, and not move, usually, for about an hour no matter who comes in. Last month, my husband's sister, who is in her early twenties and a little younger than us, arrived during my corner time. I had to continue facing the wall while she wandered around drinking coffee and coming regularly into the lounge. As she drank her coffee in the lounge I could feel her eyes on my bare buttocks. I have never felt so naked but then I deserved the punishment. Afterwards she was very accepting that I was punished in this way. My best girl friend has also had to wait in the kitchen while I touched my toes, naked, for a bare bottom caning in the lounge. So our DD relationship is becoming known. Later that day in town she admitted that she had sneaked a peep through the open door way of me bent over, receiving the cane. She really wanted to know what the cane felt like. I think she was impressed that I had taken ten strokes on bare buttocks.She said each whish went right through her. She should have been where I was!



confusedbutlearning said...

Corner time really depends on the disciplinarian. I like you thought that I would never be able to take it seriously. That was before M sent me the corner and scolded me as I stood there. If I would have just been sent to the corner and expected to stay there without a word from either of us, I would have just laughed.