Saturday, September 1, 2007

New Keyword Fun

writing lines
No way, I thought I already said that I wouldn't do that

fun spank
Is there any other kind?

spanking with baby oil
Thats only when I get BG spankings, it has a tendency to make me repentant really fast!

bend over the end of the bed spanking
Um, Ok

spanking bbs
Who is spanking me this time?

spanking tan her hide
Go ahead and spank him(the author of the blog) Just dont tell him I sent you

corner time spanking
S has told me that if He ever gives me corner time, I will be spanked in the corner as well

bbs spanking
I have a feeling my poor bottom is going to be very sore :)

spanking fireman
Now that would be HOT!!! "No really sir, there was a fire in my bedroom" Sparkle gets to have all the fun with the fireman, I am jealous ;)

spanking lot
Is that kinda like a parking lot, where you come and find your spot and get spanked. That could be fun

spank me pants
Id rather you spank me bottom

sore naughty bottom
I wonder how naughty a bottom can be?

will you spank me please
Sure, but you have to tell me who you are

spank bonnie
Feel free to spank her as much as you want to

paddle my bare bottom
I dont think those words have or ever will come out of my mouth


Bonnie said...


Hey, wait a minute! I say no fair declaring open season on my posterior. It's bad enough that my readers think I should be spanked daily. Now your readers are joining in? I dare not even wonder what's next...

Already seated on a soft pillow,

Dave said...

hm....spanking with baby oil? now that sounds interesting.... ;)

BB said...

Bonnie, Im sorry, but whatelse am I supposed to do? Why are you sitting on a pillow? Did you get a hard spanking?

Dave, Baby oil is totally EVIL! It makes everything sting so much more. Although when it is used for GG spankings it makes everything wonderful. Thanks for reading!