Thursday, November 29, 2007


If you are looking for something about spanking you can stop reading now. I am not at all in a spanking mood. I am really feeling lonely. I know everyone has these feelings from time to time, but right now it has the best of me. Its so hard not to get depressed. I feel like Im fighting a never ending battle with depression. When I was a teenager and beyond I always thought that by the time I was 30 I would be married, have kids, and just be a happy married girl. But thats not how life has worked for me. Yes, I have had fun. But the one thing I want most is to be married and start a family. Is that too much to ask for. Every day I see couples with their kids walking down the street. It just kills me every time. Sorry to vent today. I just have to get it out before I totally give up and do something stupid.


Anonymous said...

Hugs BB, you are not the only one who gets these thoughts and feels these things. I know that doesn't help a whole lot and it is tough going when you are in the middle of it but try to hold yourself tight and know that their are people who love you.


john said...

Oh BB, sorry to here about this.
Those feelings are human. I can understand them. My only advice is, try to meet as much people as you can. Maybe,go to a spankingparty if your looking for someone in spanking. Wish you all the best.

Starting Over said...

It gets better. I promise.

Take Care AKB

Anonymous said...

If this is just the Blues that you get from time to time then just ride it out. You know from past experiences that this too shall pass. Spank yourself, get out there, meet people, and don't get tricked into feeling sorry for yourself. There are plenty of us to go around who want to make a family with a "cool spanky chick" like you, regardless of our ages. LOL
But, if you find that the Blues won't go away no matter what you do and that you start thinking non-constructive or harmful thoughts, get your little behind to a doctor quickly. There's a big difference between the blues and clinical depression. I know all too well from personal experience. Counseling and medication has helped a lot of people. You'll be fine sweetie...there's a lot of options and help out there. Just make sure that life partner is a true spanko. Being with a non-spanko is worse than being alone.
You know what you want...
Go get it!!!

Constance said...

Oh BB, you write what is my secret. I so understand.

I'm 49 and still not married, and although I have a lovely, lovely life, I still ache for that...


Loving Annie

Southern Angel said...

Hi BB,
I understand where you are coming from. I always thought I would meet my future husband in college and be married right after graduation. Instead my boyfriend broke up with me right before I started med school. And then, unexpectedly, I met JD 4 years later.

So, I know it is hard to keep positive and not let it get to you, but I think love happens when you least expect it. And I hope it finds you soon!


storynattie said...

BB, I've had those feelings a lot this year. Not sure what to do about it.

I hope you find someone special soon!