Sunday, December 2, 2007

Hot House

I was out walking last night at about 9pm just trying to clear my head. I was probably about 3 miles away from my own home when all of a sudden I heard something that very quickly got my attention. I heard someone being spanked and giggling. Of course I slowed way down and luckily the next door neighbors had a huge christmas display up in their yard, so I just stopped to "look at the lights" and just listened to the spanking going on.

Hearing that made me wonder how many people have heard me getting spanked. Ive been spanked in houses and in hotel rooms. I am sure someone has had to hear it by this point. Just thinking about possibly being heard is a really big turn on. Has anyone else ever been heard or heard someone getting a spanking?


Southern Angel said...

Hi BB,
I have never heard another person being spanked, but now I am wandering what my neighbors are hearing outside of my house!

Robin said...

Hi BB,
I've never heard anyone getting spanked, but I know others have heard us. Specifically when DH and I took our cruise this spring -- rooms are small with thin walls -- and we indulged ourselves with spankings and sex every chance we got. From the smiles on the neighbors faces, they heard.

PaulH666 said...

Once I thought I heard someone getting spanked. But then it could have been a video or the television. I've only seen one other person getting spank, where I wasn't the spanker.

What I ask about this particular incident. Was The person a spanko and enjoying it or where they getting a real spanking and not enjoying it. ???