Wednesday, January 2, 2008

BG Spanking

Tonight is the night. I have had this thing hanging over my head for a couple months now and S told me I am getting it tonight. Truthfully I am a bit scared. I know he wont hurt me, but bg spankings hurt really bad.

Last time I got one he pushed me pretty close to my limit. We were talking yesterday and he said I was going to get a little more then I got last time. So I am a bit scared. I know I should learn from it and not keep screwing up. I am really trying to be good. But it's like after awhile of being good, the naughty side comes out and I mess up.

Is anyone else that way, where you go for awhile and can be good, and then something just happens and the naughty side comes out?


Southern Angel said...

Hi BB,
It happens to all of us. I can go a long time before my mouth gets me into trouble. Good luck with your spanking!

BB said...

Thanks SA, I needed it. I am glad it isnt just me that can only go so long before i mess up.