Sunday, February 17, 2013

Lurkers, I need your help!

I need some ideas as to what you all are interested in reading on my blog.  I get around 50 views a day even though I haven't really been active on this blog for years.  Please help me out!  If I get 20 comments I will post some bare bottom pictures.


Bonnie said...

Hi BB,

I'm really glad you're back. Here are a dozen ideas to get started.

1. What's new in your life since you've been gone
2. How you became a switch and how you feel about this transition
3. Your perfect spanking and why it's perfect for you
4. What you like in terms of blogs and what you aspire to create with this blog
5. Spanking pet peeves
6. Your most memorable implement
7. Your thoughts on separating the vanilla and kinky parts of life
8. Describe your ideal partner
9. How you came to terms with your feelings about spanking
10. Advice for those who follow after you
11. Finding time for spankings
12. Exploring limits

I hope this helps.


PS - You can show your bottom if you like, but please don't feel as though you have to do so on my account.

BB said...

Thanks Bonnie! Those really help a lot.