Monday, February 18, 2013

Story: Melanie's Discipline

Melanie knew she was in more trouble then she had ever been in before with Jason.  She had been a brat and had been purposely disobeying for a couple of months now.  It had been almost a year since she had seen him and she decided to challenge his Dom side.  She was driving to the hotel and she would see him in less then 10 minutes.  She was beginning to regret her behavior, but for some reason she couldn’t stop being a brat.

Melanie pulled into the hotel parking lot and sat in her car.  She new Jason was very upset with her, but all she wanted to do is grab him in a big hug and have him hold her for a long time. 

After sitting in her car for a few minutes her phone went off.  It was a text from Jason.  All it said was “Room 413, Don’t make me wait much longer!”  She quickly grabbed her bag with the things that he said to bring and walked toward the hotel.

The walk seemed like it was taking forever, and everyone that looked at her seemed to know that she was about to get her bottom paddled.  She found the elevator and selected the 4th floor.  She had so many mixed emotions, she wanted to hug him, she wanted to cry, she wanted to slap him for all the times he stopped talking to her.  The ding of the elevator door opening snapped her out of her thoughts.

She stepped out of the elevator and went on the long walk down the hall.  She knew she was in for a very painful night, and she deserved every bit of it.

When she got to the door it was propped open with the lock from the inside.  She stopped and just stood there staring at the door.  This was it, this was what she had been waiting for, for almost a year. 

She pushed the door open a crack and peeked inside.  She didn’t see him, all she could see was the tv and a small suitcase.  She pushed the door open a little further and then she saw him.  Jason was standing about 3 feet inside the door with his arms crossed and a very serious expression on his face.  Her heart skipped a beat and she just froze.  She didn’t know what to do, or what to say.  She couldn’t take her eyes off of him.

Jason quietly walked to the door, put out the “Do Not Disturb” sign and locked both locks on the door.  Without a word, he took her bag from her and put his hands on her shoulders and led her into the middle of the room.

“Jason, I am so sorry for being such a brat lately.  I just wanted to see you and couldn’t, so I was frustrated.”

Melanie just wanted him to hug her and tell her everything was going to be alright.  He always hugged her when they saw each other.  This time there was something different about him, his whole demeanor had changed.

“Melanie, from this point on you will not talk unless I ask you a question, Is THAT understood?”
“Yes, sir.”  She managed to squeak out.

That is “Yes, Daddy. Don’t make me remind you again.”

Jason had never forced her to call him daddy before, nor had he forbid her to speak.  She knew she was in a lot of trouble.

“Melanie, you have been an extremely naughty girl.  And because of that, I am going to discipline you in several different ways.  We have talked about many forms of punishments and we will probably be visiting most of those this evening.”

Her eyes dropped to the floor.  She could hear the disappointment in his voice.  She hated when he was upset with her.

“Put your hands on your head, and don’t move them until I tell you to.  You have asked me to Dominate you and that is exactly what I plan on doing.”

She quickly put both hands on her head, her eyes were beginning to water.

Jason was digging in his suitcase for something, she was too afraid to turn around to see what all he was pulling out and throwing on the bed.

Jason walked up behind her and whispered in her ear.  “STRIP, you have 30 seconds and your hands better be back on top of your head.”  Then he walked into the bathroom.

 Melanie’s heart was racing so fast she didn’t know what to do.  She wanted to fall on her knees and beg him to forgive her.  But she knew if she talked right now she would just receive a worse punishment.

She froze, afraid to move, afraid to undress in front of him. 

“20 seconds left.”

Melanie quickly kicked off her shoes and started to undo her belt.  She was shaking so badly that she couldn’t get it undone.  She finally managed to get her belt undone, but before she could get her pants undone, Jason said “Time’s up.”

He came walking out of the bathroom and chuckled at the predicament Melanie was in.

“Hands on your head!  I can see that you are still being disobedient, so since you are going to act like a small child, you will be treated like one as well.”

Jason walked over and grabbed the front waistband of her pants and pulled her towards the bed.  He sat down on the bed close enough to be able to touch her. 

“Now, little girl, unbutton your pants.”

Melanie wanted to die.  She felt like a 4 year old who couldn’t even figure out how to undress herself.  She started to cry.

“Save those tears for later, you are going to need them.”  Now, unzip them and pull them off.”

She quickly unzipped her pants and pulled them off, he took them from her and tossed them in the corner.

“Hands on your head!” 

She quickly did what she was told.  She couldn’t look at him, so she was staring at the floor, wishing she would have obeyed at least partially over the last few months. 

She felt him lifting her shirt up and she jumped and pushed his hands away.  He knew she always wanted to keep her shirt on as a comfort thing.  Jason quickly stood up and pushed her over the end of the bed so she was bending over the edge.

“I knew you had been bratty lately, I did not realize you were going to be defiant as well.  We are going to start your punishment early I guess.”

She heard the dreaded sound of his belt sliding through the loops. 

Before she could process what was happening she felt the sting land across both bottom cheeks.


Jason gave her 5 with the belt hard and fast.  Her bottom was on fire.  Her mind was spinning with everything.  Jason always gave her a warm up before the belt.

“Now, little girl, lets try this again.  Stand up and put your hands on your head.”

She quickly jumped up and put her hands on her head.  The tears were streaming from her eyes now.

Jason grabbed her shirt and lifted it up over her head and tossed it over with her pants.  He stood in front of her and reached around to find the clasp of her bra, quickly undid it and through it to the pile of clothes. 

Melanie was sobbing, knowing that except for her underwear she was completely exposed. 
Jason grabbed her in a big hug and took her arms and wrapped them around his waist.

“Now, Melanie Suzanne, you are going to the corner while I get the rest of the things ready for your discipline session.”

He led her to the corner, and before he walked away he slid her panties down to the floor.  Then he pulled out a little purple box of Listerine breath strips.  He kneeled before her and pushed her legs open.  He opened her pussy and licked her clit a few times, and then he placed one of the strips on her clit and used her pussy juice to coat it very well.  He then gently blew on the strip to dry it a bit so the burning sensation would start.  So there she stood totally naked, hands on her head, and 5 red lines across her bottom and thighs, and her pussy was on fire.

She stood there for what seemed like hours while he pulled everything out.  He pulled the comforter off of the bed, placed the items there, and then replaced the comforter.  She wished he would just hurry up so that it would just be over.

“Melanie, I am going to take a shower.  You will remain in the corner in that position.  If I even think that you have moved, you will not be sitting down for weeks.”

She heard him walk into the bathroom and turn on the water.  She wished she could be in the shower with him, or at least be able to curl up in the bed.

The water turned off and she could hear him moving around in the bathroom.  He took forever to return to the room.

“Come over here little one, and leave those panties right there on the floor.”

She swallowed hard as she turned around, hands on her head.  She hated being naked, and being naked and in trouble was just pure torture.  He was fully clothed again, which made it even worse.

He walked towards her and led her to the bed.  She started to bend over the bed and he stopped her.

“This is not going to be a fun time for you at all.  You are going to be very sore, and I hope very obedient by the time I am done with you tonight.”

“I want you to sit on the edge of the bed and lay back.”

She quickly obeyed, he grabbed 2 pillows had her lift her bottom in the air and placed the pillows under her.

“Now put your hands under the pillows under your bottom and keep them there.  If they come out, I will tie them so that you can not move them.”

Her feet were on the very edge of the bed and her pussy was high in the air.  She knew what was coming.  They had talked about this and how sometimes it was the only way to get a naughty girl to obey.  She closed her eyes, and tried to shut everything out.

“Open your legs, so I can see your pussy.” 

She slowly let her knees open and he pushed them the rest of the way, until he had a perfect target.

“Now, I am going to spank your pussy until I know that you are going to start obeying.  Do you understand?”

“Yes, daddy.” She whispered.

“Do I still have permission to do whatever I feel I need to, to get you to be my submissive little girl again?”

She paused a second,  “Yes, daddy.”

“Good, I will start with my hand, then we will move to the wooden spoon, and if you close your legs or try to block me at all, I will use my belt.  Is that understood?”

“Yes, daddy.”

She felt his hand rubbing her shaved mound.  She loved it when he touched her.  He had a way of making her feel so good.  She felt his finger slip between the lips of her pussy and find her clit.  She let out a little moan.

“If you had been a good little girl, daddy could be playing with your clit.  Instead, I have to punish it.”

With that he lifted his hand and came the first SMACK.

Melanie whimpered.


She couldn’t take it, it hurt so bad.  But yet she was so turned on at the same time.  She could feel herself getting wet and hoped Jason didn’t see it.

“Oh, what a naughty little girl we have here.  Getting all wet during a punishment, I guess it isn’t hurting enough.”

She felt the cold wooden spoon rubbing her pussy lips.  She whimpered and said “Please, no, Jason.”


She closed her legs without thinking.  The sting was too much to handle.

“What did I tell you about talking, and what did I tell you about calling me daddy, AND you decided to close your legs and block the spanking!”

Melanie was sobbing too hard to speak.  She didn’t want to upset him, she had never had her pussy spanked before.

Jason reached down and found her clit.  He pinched it very hard between his fingers and held it.  Melanie was holding her breath trying to get it to stop hurting.

“Now those last ones with the spoon did not count, you have been a very naughty girl and you continue to make bad choices.  Now you will get 20 with the wooden spoon, and then 10 with the belt.  You WILL not close your legs, Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes, daddy,” she was sobbing so hard he could barely make out what she said.

He picked up the wooden spoon, he was going to do these hard and fast.  He was holding her legs open with one of his legs and his left hand, so she couldn’t cover up.

She felt the spoon on her pussy again, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK,SMACK.

Her pussy was getting very pink.  Jason hated to do this to her, but he knew that it was the only way to get her back into her submissive mindset.  She was crying uncontrollably and whimpering at every swat.


She was trying to close her legs, but Jason was too strong.  Her pussy was on fire.

“Now these last five are going to be hard, and you are going to count them and say “One, I will obey you daddy, Two, I will obey you daddy, and so forth.  Do you understand?”

“Yes, daddy.  Please don’t do them hard”

SMACK…..One daddy, I will obey you.

SMACK……Two….I will obey you.

“That one did not count, because you did not say “daddy”.

SMACK,  TWO, I will obey you daddy.  She screamed out in pain.

SMACK, Three, I will obey you daddy.

SMACK, Four, I will obey you daddy

SMACK, Five, I will obey you daddy.

She felt his leg move and his hand start rubbing her pussy.  His hand rubbing hurt so bad, she knew she deserved this.  She felt his hands open her pussy and he pinched her clit so hard that she gasped.  Then she felt his tongue licking her clit,  she thought she was going to explode right there.  But then just as fast as it started it was over.

“Now you have 10 more with the belt.  For these, you are going to hold your knees with your hands, and you are going to willingly take each swat.  If you close your legs or move your hands off of your knees, that swat will not count.  You do not have to count these, because I know it will take all your concentration to keep your legs open for me.  When we are done with the 10, we will have some cuddle time before your spanking starts.”

She reached up and grabbed her knees.  Did he just say “before your spanking starts”.  Wasn’t this enough punishment?  But before she could totally process what he had said she felt the first stinging crack from the belt.

It was all she could do to keep her legs open after the first swat.  She knew she couldn’t last through all 10.

“Look at me, Melanie.  I want you looking at my face for the next 9 swats.  No more trying to hide from me.  You will look me in the eye, or we will start all over with the 10.”

She hated looking him in the eye when she was in trouble and he knew it.  He knew that making her look at him while he was spanking her pussy, would make it a much more effective punishment and make her even more submissive.

She opened her eyes and looked at him.  She saw the belt being raised and come down hard on her already sore and swollen pussy.


They came hard and fast.  She had made it through 6 of them without closing her legs. 


As soon as the last one hit, she closed her legs and covered her face and sobbed into her hands.

Jason gently removed the pillows from under her bottom and slid her up the bed.  She curled up into the fetal position and just cried.  He crawled into bed behind her and pulled her into him.  They laid there spooning in total silence for a few minutes. 

He could feel her body jerking from the sobs, and it was killing him to have to do this to her.  But he knew that it was the only way to get her to obey and the only way she would be happy.

He started playing with her nipples and she relaxed a little bit.  He could feel her muscles start to loosen.  He moved his leg over hers and pulled her leg over his.  This made her lay flat on her back with her pussy exposed.

It was so red, it looked sore.  He wanted her right then, but knew he had to complete her punishment.  He rubbed her clit for awhile until she was cooing into his chest.

“Now, Melanie, are you scared of me?”

“No, daddy.  You gave me what I deserved.”

“You know your punishment is not over right?”

“Yes, daddy.”  Melanie whispered, barely audible.

Jason got up and went over to a straight chair that he had set up in the middle of the 2 beds.  She saw what he had laid out on the bed to use on her bottom.  He had the butt plugs, lube, the paddles, the brushes, his new strap, and a box of condoms.

“Come here, young lady”

Melanie got up and walked over to him.

You are going to tell me why you need a spanking and then ask me to discipline you how ever I see fit.

“Daddy, I need you to spank me because I have been disobedient, and have been talking back, and not respecting you.  Will you discipline me however you think I need?”

“Good Girl”

Jason knew that she was back into being his submissive little girl again.  But he also knew that if he didn’t spank her, that she would quickly become disobedient again.

He pulled her over his lap, and started to rub her bottom.

She felt him reach for something and then felt her bottom cheeks being spread and something wet running down over her bottom hole.  He rubbed her bottom hole and slowly slid a finger inside her.  She tensed up, trying to get him to stop. 

“Baby girl, fighting me is only going to make it hurt worse.”

His finger was sliding easily in and out of her bottom.  She was so humiliated.  She just wanted to crawl into a hole and cry.  Then she felt the tip of the plug.  She was really hoping it was the small one because her bottom wasn’t used to the bigger one.

At first it slid in easily, and then she realized that it was the bigger plug.  She was trying to wiggle away from it but Jason had her pinned.  It finally slid all the way in and her anus held it in place.

“Stand up”

She stood up as quickly as she could with the plug in her bottom.

He pulled her around so that she was standing in front of him totally naked and exposed.

He began to lecture her all about her bad behavior and tell her about what was going to happen because of it.  He reached up and started massaging her breasts.  She was putty in his hands. 

He finished up his lecture and pulled her back over his lap.  Jason started to spank with his hand.  He wasn’t lecturing like he normally did during a spanking.  He wanted her concentration on the spanking and the butt plug.

After her bottom was a nice shade of dark pink, he picked up the hairbrush paddle.  He put his leg over hers, and held her tightly over his lap.

“Your hands and feet will stay on the floor.  If they come up, I will start spanking your thighs until you decide to put them back on the floor.  Then I will continue to spank your bottom.”

Melanie felt so secure in this position, she knew Jason would not actually hurt her.  But she knew her bottom was about ready to be lit on fire.

Jason laid into her bottom with the paddle, until she was sobbing and wiggling trying to get away from the swats.  Her thighs and her bottom were a deep shade of red. 

He stopped spanking and tossed the paddle onto the bed.  He reached down and pulled the plug out of her bottom.

“Now, I want you on your knees in front of me.”  She dropped to her knees in front of him right between his legs.  He unzipped his pants and pulled his hard cock out.
“Melanie Suzanne, look what you have done to my cock!  Now you are going to have to help me with this.”

He took her head and pushed it toward his rock hard cock.  With tears running down her face, she opened her mouth and began to suck his cock.  He loved it when she sucked him, it made him feel like he was so powerful.

He pulled her head off of him and helped her stand up.  He went over to the bed and grabbed a cane.  Then he walked to the bed and sat down up against the headboard.

“Come here, baby girl.  Daddy needs you to suck his cock.”

Melanie walked over and he placed her on her stomach between his legs.

“Now, every time you stop sucking or if you aren’t doing it the way I like it, I am going to spank you with this cane.  Put my cock in your mouth and start sucking.”

She was scared, she slid up a little bit and put his cock in her mouth.  She loved making him feel good.  She started sucking and felt the cane come down hard on her bottom.

She whimpered and moved her bottom so that he couldn’t cane her.

He pushed her back into position and then gave her five hard swats as a reminder to not move.

She sucked him as well as she could until she could feel his orgasm coming.  She hated cum, she refused to swallow it.  She pulled her mouth off of him and started rubbing his cock with her hand.

He started caning her bottom as hard and fast as he could until she started sucking him again.  She was crying, and looking into his eyes begging him with her eyes to not make her swallow it.

He was about to cum and she knew it.  Right as he started to cum, he pulled out of her mouth and came all over her face. 

“Leave it there, that will remind you how naughty you have been while you stand in the corner!  Now get to the corner and put your hands on your head!”

She jumped and ran to the corner.  She didn’t know what else he had planned.  She was so sore already.

After about 5 minutes of her being in the corner, he gently grabbed her shoulders and turned her around.  He had a warm wash cloth that he used to wipe off all his cum off her face.

“Now, you are going to get 20 with my strap for not keeping up your Livestrong Account. And then your punishment will be over.”

“20!” She whispered, still in shock.

“Yes, you will bend over and put your hands on the chair.  I know this is going to be hard for you, so I wont make you count or start over.  You need to try to keep your hands on the chair.  If your hands come up, I am going to put my cock in your bottom when I am done.”

He led her over to the chair and kissed her forehead before bending her over.  He walked over and picked up the strap.  Her bottom was dark red, with purple welts from the cane.  She had received the worst punishment he had ever given, and she wasn’t done yet.

He knew she wouldn’t be able to keep her hands on the chair.  And after the seventh swat with the strap she grabbed her bottom.  He stood her up, pulled her to him and held her in a big bear hug.  She sobbed into his chest.  When she had started to calm down he pushed her back down into the proper position.

She lifted her hands up 2 more times before the end of her spanking and he held her and hugged her both times. 

After the last swat, he just stood there and held her.  He loved how she felt in his arms.

“Now, since you didn’t hold your position, you are going to get my cock in your bottom.  I want you to go get on your hands and knees on the bed.”

She slowly walked over and got on her hands and knees.

“Spread your legs, I want to see all of your private areas.”

The way he said it made her feel like a little kid again.  She just wanted him to cuddle with her till they both fell asleep, but she knew she had to get through anal before that could happen.

She heard him undress behind her, then she felt him on the bed.  But she felt his head between her legs licking her pussy.  She moaned and cooed and rubbed her clit on his mouth until she exploded in orgasm. 

“Thank you, daddy!”  She whispered.

Jason just smiled and got up on his knees.  He had already put lube on his cock and started to slid into her bottom.  She was so tight, he was forcing his cock into her.  She was crying out in pain but he didn’t stop.  He knew she needed this.  He knew that it was exactly what it was going to take to get her to stay his little submissive.

He finally got the head in and slowly moved in and out until his whole cock was inside her.  This is what he had wanted for years, and he was finally taking it. 

He started out slow and then sped up.  She started moaning.  She was enjoying it!  He had to slow down so that he did not cum too quickly.  But before too long he could no longer stop it and he started pounding into her hard and fast.  He exploded into her and the both collapsed onto the bed.

Melanie was a very sore, but very content little girl curled up in her daddy’s arms.  She couldn’t stop smiling as they fell asleep.


Merry said...

Love your story Thanks for sharing it. Made me very wet. Would like ALL of that to be done to me.

Keep writing...or misbehaving. :~ )

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