Wednesday, May 23, 2007

How it all began

I was told that I should start blogging by my spanker. So I agreed and here we are. I am a 20 something woman looking for a future mate, that hopefully will be a spanko as well.

Although I have already met one of the most amazing guys ever. We met on one of the Spanking web sites that we both frequent. We hit it off right away. Our first meeting we just talked and I had a great time. Then we set up a time to meet for our first spanking.

We met at a hotel because neither of us have our own place. So it makes things a little more difficult, but a lot more exciting. I was so nervous driving to the hotel. It is about a 25 min drive from my place. But that day it seemed more like 3 hours. Everything in me kept telling me to turn around and go back home. But I kept going and met up with him. I am so glad I did. It was one of the best nights of my entire life.

He knows exactly what I need and when I need it. I got spanked bare bottomed for over an hour. He took the time to show me what each of the implements felt like and how they differ from one another, and how it felt when baby oil was applied. He didn't spank hard, but all of those swats really add up. My bottom was really sore, but I was so highly turned on. We went to bed and talked for a long time before we fell asleep.

The next morning he just kept swatting my bottom. Which totally lit a fire somewhere else. He gave me another spanking and then we were off, back to our own places. It was an incredible night. We have met again since then, but I wont bore you with the details at this time.

ANON- We met on Spanking Internet. Its a free site and has a chat room, although one needs to be careful in there cause there are some people out there that are just interested in hurting others.


Anonymous said...

Dear BB,

Welcome to the blogosphere.
I am very pleased that you have found a spanking partner. In my opinion it is very important to be up front about this aspect of out characters at the every beginning of any relationship. I have been married to a lovely lady for 20 years now, but she is totally vanilla, and this causes me no end of grief.

So as I said, I am very pleased on your behalf and many more red bottoms to you.

Ollie aka opb

Anonymous said...


I really like your blog. I found it from Bonnie's MBS. I would be interested to know what website you met your spanker on. Thanks, and keep up the good work :)