Wednesday, August 1, 2007

S is a sweet sweet man

So I know I am going to be in some serious trouble when S and I get together again. But I am so excited that we have figured out a time where we can both get away from work and have some alone time. We talked about what happened, and yes I am getting a spanking, but S wasnt mad at me at all. I really thought he would be. Especially since last time I lied and got spanked he told me that if I lied again I was going to get it alot harder and longer. He is so sweet. I really like spending as much time as I can with him, even if it is just watching tv.

I really wish they would make some kind of place where its totally sound proof and you could go rent a room for like just a few hours, and it would be cheap. That way we all could get spanked anytime we wanted or needed it. Maybe S and I could go into business doing something like that.

Sorry about my bit of absence. Life for about the next month will be totally hectic, but come September should slow down alot.

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