Friday, December 28, 2007


I havent been spanked in way too long. Hopefully tonight that will all change. I have been wanting to spank a guy for awhile and tonight is the night it is supposed to happen. But he told me last night that I have one coming as well. So we will see how this evening goes. It was supposed to happen last night but he had a rough day at work and blew me off. So if I do get to spank him tonight he is going to get it bad. Now I am trying to figure out what I should do. Should I let him spank me first, or should I spank him first. I think I want him to spank me first and then I will spank him. Because then I can let him have it and know that its not going to make mine any worse. I am really excited, yet have the butterflies as well. I just hope I can spank him the way he wants it.


john said...

I warmed a couple of female bottoms and have been spanked by several ladies. Never on the same day though. You need to be in the mood. Hope it will work out for you.

Anonymous said...

The order of things depends on how deeply into the "zone" you go when you are on the receiving end. You want to be sure you're up to the task--both your physical skills as well as your ability to carry out the requisite disciplinary dialogue, without which the session could become robotic.

If I'm lucky enough to be in a switch scene, I'm usually the first one otk, and it never means she gets it worse if I get a good blistering. It's all about a gradually developed playstyle.

Nice pic, btw...don't forget to pin his wrist in the small of his back and lock your leg over the back of his knees. Strict ritualistic maternal discipline! Are you taking volunteers? ;-)

As far as who goes first, you have to decide whether he would add a dose of vengeance and thereby boost the intensity of YOUR naughty time.

Anonymous said...

I agree -- you should go first. It will free you to give it to him hard (assuming that's what he wants and has agreed to) without fear of retaliation.

Southern Angel said...

I agree, take your spanking first. And then let him have it!

BB said...

Thanks for your advice everyone. I totally took it all and it helped. You guys are the best!