Sunday, August 12, 2007

Im Gonna Get Toasted on Friday!!!

Last night S and I were talking and he told me to ask him a question about anything. So I asked him about my bg spanking that I am going to get this weekend. I found out my answer but I didnt like it at all. I am going to get it bad, really bad. I guess I deserve it, and hopefully it will make me never lie again. I just hope he holds me and tells me he cares about me afterwards. Here is the way our conversation went last night. Read it and leave me a comment if you want, S reads it too, so be careful what you say. Please dont get me in more trouble!!!

BB : how bad is my bg spankin gonna be

S: it is going to hurt a lot, but that's kind of a relative question I mean what scale are you going to use to gage it

S: on a scale of one to ten?

BB: sure

S: hmmm probably about a 9.3

S: up to a 9.6

: k

S: of course there is always that lame russian guy who never gives you the full ten

S: but anywayS: how cuddley will you be on friday

BB: prob alot

S: good

S: hmmmm I keeps thinking about distracting stuff

BB: on your scale, what was my last bg spankin

S: probably a 8

BB: k

BB: i kinda want to take a pic of my bottom after my spankin

BB: cause then ill remember that i dont want that again

S: well a red bottom is conductive to memory

BB: not enough for me

BB: cause i did it again

S: well we will take care of that

BB: i know, thats what im afraid of

S: I was thinking about the spanking I intend on giving you

S: I'm gonna vave to come up with a way to make sure you remember it

S: and I think I know just how I'm going to do it

BB: ???

S: let us just say that you were right on the money when you listed the baby oil

BB: nnnnooooooooooooooo

S: afraid so sweety

BB: for the whole thing?

S: for a very specific part of it

S: your warm up is going to be shorter

S: and I intend on making sure I give you a very good paddling

BB: :(

S: at the moment though I must admit

S: that I am thinking of more pleausrable spankings

BB: i dont know what to say

S: you don't have to say anything sweety

S: for some moments in life there are no words

BB: ill never lie again, please dont use the oil

S: I said I would and I will, but I'm not going to overwhelm you

BB: k

BB: last time you were sick, so i think you didnt give it to me as hard as you thought you did

S: you're probably right

S: I wasn't 100% that day

BB: dont get me wrong, it still really hurt

S: oh I know it hurt

BB: k

S: holds you*

BB: im sooooo tired

S: well curls up on the couch

BB: i want to climb up on your lap, hug you, put my head on your shoulder and fall asleep

S: smiles you'd be welcome

S: you're always welcome when you're around me

BB: like last time i got a bg spanking and i was layin my head on your lap

BB: i just wanted to crawl in your lap

S: you should have

BB: i didnt want you to see me cry

S: I wouldn't have thought less of you or anything

BB: i know

S: you don't like for people to see you as vunerable, and I know that but when you are with me you can be yourself

BB: thats why i didnt look at you

S: I know

BB: probably why i fight with you sometimes durin a spankin too

S: nods

S: I know

BB: lol

S: grins

BB: are you gonna make me bend over the couch?

S: probably but not at first

BB: its like you know everything i dont like

BB: lol

BB: although you said i dont gotta stand in the corner, so i guess your not using everything

S: I feel as if I shouldn't have to, but I'm not ruling that completly out either

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