Saturday, August 4, 2007

Movie Fun

S and I got to go see a movie today. It has been a long time since the two of us have been able to go to a movie. We had a lot of fun. I was running late cause I had to go to the store and get candy on the way. So he had already bought the tickets before I got there. We got there early enough to pick good seats and talk a little before it started.

I snuggled into him at the begining of the movie. He always makes me feel so safe and protected. Even though I know that the next time we get together I am going to get a serious spanking, he never acts like he is mad at me or anything. While we were watching the movie I started moving my hand around and found his already hard cock. I like playing with it when there is nothing he can do about it. I like watching him wiggle and still try to watch the movie. So all in all it was a fun day, and I am sure he enjoyed it too!

Thanks S for the fun day today! Look forward to seeing you again very soon!

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