Saturday, August 18, 2007

OUCH!!!!! BG Spankings HURT!

I am sitting on a pretty sore bottom right now. Last night S and I got to see each other. It was so good to be able to hug him and snuggle with him. But before we got to do any of that I got a really bad spanking.

I was sitting on the couch watching tv when he came in. So he just sat down and we snuggled for awhile. I was thinking he had either forgot or he didnt feel like doing it right then. But I was totally wrong. When the show was over he told me to get up because it was time for my spanking. He wanted to give it to me before we ate dinner.

He made me take off my pants and bend over the end of the bed. At first he just started with his hand. That wasnt too bad at first, but I swear that man has paddles for hands. He didnt spank me with his hand for long and he grabbed the little paddle. He spanked me on my panties for a little bit, but those didnt last long either. He wasnt kidding when he said the warmup was going to be a lot shorter.

I started crying almost immediately, which is totally not something that I normally do. I dont know why but I just started crying like a child. He spanked hard and fast on my bare bottom with the paddle. He sat next to me and held me around the waist so that I didnt move.

It hurt really bad, but I felt worse inside for letting S down. I am really not sure what else he used on my bottom. I think he used a bigger paddle and the bathbrush. All I could think about at that point was how badly it stung and that I hope I never lie again.

He spanked me for what seemed like forever, and then he put babyoil on my bottom. That made me cry even harder. I knew what was coming. He paddled me good after he put on the baby oil. It stung so bad and I couldnt hold still. Then I thought he was done, and he started talking to me.

Then he said "Im gonna give you 50 more and then we will be through". At first I couldnt believe what he was saying. Then I felt the little paddle again. I wasnt counting, but I am sure that is how many I got. They were all fast and hard. By the time he was done I was sobbing like a baby. He pushed me further then he ever has before. I know I deserved it, and it hurt like crazy. He doesn't like spanking me like that, but I need it sometimes.

It felt so good to get that emotional release that I have been holding in for so long. S always knows just what I need. He sat there next to me rubbing my bottom and my back for awhile. Then laid next to me and cuddled with me until I stopped crying. We had dinner then snuggled on the couch.

He likes playing with parts of my body while we watch tv to distract me. And he is VERY good at what he does. After he was done playing with me I fell asleep for a few minutes on his lap. Then he woke me up and we went to bed. I played with him until he was all tired and fell asleep.

We woke up this morning and I played with him to wake him up. There was a lot of snuggling and some fun spankings too. I am very content and feel very cared for right now. My bottom is sore but everytime I feel it it just reminds me that I have someone who cares about me enough to help me in this way. Thanks S, for a wonderful day. I had a lot of fun! Next time, ill be sure to stay away from the teeth. LOL

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Bonnie said...


Ow indeed! That hurts. But I'm glad S gave you what you needed.

I find that I sometimes desire that feeling of wiping the emotional slate that can come only from a hard spanking. That sounds like the case for you as well.

Enjoy your afterglow!