Thursday, October 25, 2007


Tomorrow night is the night. I am meeting with N for the first time. I dont know whether I should be excited, scared, apprehensive, or a myriad of other emotions. I will probably get it pretty hard, which is how I like it sometimes from S. But not necessarily from anyone else. You see S and I have grown fairly close over the past about year. He knows me and can easily read my body language.

So tomorrow night I may be in for it, then again I may not be. Yes, we have talked about what I want and need and ways he can help me. And yes I have a safeword, but I still dont know how I feel about the whole thing. Anyone else ever feel that way?


Dove said...

Sorry not much help here but I do wish you all the best and hope it is all your need.


Anonymous said...

Now you listen here, young lady, I've been in this game for over 30 years and I have found that the most important thing you must consider, with EVERY encounter, is your own, personal safety. If you fear this person will harm you in any way, it's a no-go in my book. Some thrive on this type of fear and need it to satisfy themselves. You do not strike me as a person who needs that. You need a good spanking and that's that. You do not need a trip to the ER...or worse. This is paramount if you wish to have a positive experience. Always be careful, my dear.

(I'm on SIN too)

Southern Angel said...

Hi BB,

It's completely normal to be nervous when you first meet with a new spanker. Make sure you get a nice warm up and consider using the traffic light system; that way, you can let N know he is reaching your limits by saying yellow light, without using the stop safeword (red light).

Good luck!

emily said...

BB just make sure you're comfortable with anything and everything that goes on. In all actuality you are the one in charge and you say enough is enough when anything goes wrong or doesnt feel right. Especially with a first time meeting with someone. Best wishes to you and we expect to hear back from you all safe and sound..