Tuesday, October 30, 2007


S left tonight for a week, he will be back on the 5th. He is going to go visit a spanking friend of his. Yes, im a tad jealous, but at the same time I hope he has lots of fun.

A is leaving tomorrow for a month. He is going to go visit a spanking friend also while he is gone.

N is still here and hopefully we will be able to get together sometime this coming weekend. It cant be into the week, because then my bottom would still be sore when S comes back. And I already know I am going to get it good from S when he comes back.

I dont care who spanks me at this point, but I need one NOW! Im getting all witchy and I hate being this way. I hope N spanks me Sat.


Dove said...

Aww hun I feel for you and if I was there I would spank you just to help you out. :)

BB said...

Thanks Dove! I would probably take you up on the offer if you were anywhere close to me. lol