Friday, October 5, 2007

My Perfect Spanking

Lately all I can do is think about spanking. I look at men and wonder if they would be a good spanker or not. The other day I saw this soldier sitting outside a store waiting on someone. He had the perfect OTK position. I think it comes down to needing a spanking. I want a long hard spanking.

My perfect spanking would be to come home after a long days work. Walk in to my man standing there and give him a big hug. While he is hugging me he could swat my bottom a few times. Then take me over to the couch and put me OTK. He would spank me long and hard until all the stresses from the day were gone. It would be so lovely. I would then repay him with whatever he was wanting at the time. It could be fun. Any one game???


Bonnie said...


That sure sounds like fun! It's a noble cause to strive for perfection...


Anonymous said...

hmmm I'm definatly game....yum

BB said...

Thanks bonnie! I think S always strives for perfection when he is spanking me.

anonymous Or should I say S
Come on over! Im definitely game with you anytime!

Anonymous said...

A daily after-work spanking to work out the stress? Sounds ideal to me too! Such a think should be a human right!


The Guess Who # 2 said...

I most certainly would be game!

Sounds like it would be the best of what to come home too...

(There is somewhere a perfect spanking for you...just like that. [wink*])