Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Pictures and Discussion with S

So I guess the Yes' have it. Next time S and I get together he will be taking lots of pictures hopefully and I am sure they will all eventually end up here. Thank you so much for your votes!

S and I had a talk about my limits and where they are. Since I do not know my limits I asked him to push me to them so that I know where they are. I know he will do it in a tender way. I am scared yet excited.

He told me he would use different implements and positions. He also is going to bring his belt. I highly fear the belt. So hopefully he will help me over come that fear.

Stay tuned for pictures in mid November. We dont get to get together much, so we make the most out of what time we do have. Thanks again for your votes.


Southern Angel said...

Hi BB!
I am looking forward to the promised pictures, even if I have to wait a little. :) I think you are very brave to want to test your limits; I have never really wanted to go out of my comfort zone and try mine, but I'm a wuss. LOL

As for the belt, it can be very nice if used correctly. Or not so nice.

BB said...

Thanks for your support SA! I normally dont want to leave my comfort zone either. I am a fairly big wuss as well. I dont actually know why I want to test my limits, but I do. So S said he would do it. It totally freaks me out, but at the same time totally excites me. I dont think im going to feel the nice part of the belt this time as he is going to be pushing me as far as he can. I will definitely be posting some pics for ya!

Dove said...

I think testing your limits sound exciting too or for some reason I am excited for you.

The belt can be nice. *grins*