Friday, October 19, 2007

Next Weekend

I think next weekend I am going to get spanked by N. We have been talking quite a bit as of late, and I think its time that we get together. I am kind of nervous yet kind of excited as well. There wont be any pictures this time, I am saving those for the second weekend in November when S and I get together. Hopefully it will be fun, yet help me as well.


emily said...

I know that excited yet nervous as heck feeling all to well. Best wishes to you my friend & may you soon have a tender hiney. hehe!!

Southern Angel said...

Hi BB,
Is it going to be a fun-type spanking or a not-so-fun spanking? I hope it's the fun kind. :)

BB said...

Thanks for the best wishes! I am going to need em.

Its gonna be the not so fun kind. S and I have the fun kind. N is just helping me correct some stuff in my life.