Saturday, October 27, 2007


I am in a big time funk right now. I guess its probably because I didnt get spanked when I was told I was going to. I have been in such a rotten mood all day. If I dont get spanked soon, I am gonna explode.

Last night S and I went out. We had a good time talking and snuggling as much as we could. I really enjoy his company. He is so much fun and he really cares about me. But he cant spank me till the second weekend in November, so that brings me back to my funk. I need spanked!


emily said...

I totally understand that funk BB. Being in a long distance relationship I end up falling into that on a regular basis. It really stinks no doubt about it. I hope you are able to get your needs fulfilled asap..


Southern Angel said...

Hi BB,
It does sound like a tough situation. It is hard to be in a l/d relationship and get spanked when you really need it. I hope you get your spanking soon!

Chromia said...

I understand that feeling. It sucks. :( Don't know how to fix it either.... If anything, you have something to look forward to. (I don't know if that helps any.)

BB said...

Emily, SA, and Ofia

Thanks for understanding and not thinking Im a nut case. lol