Monday, October 1, 2007

Hot Dream!

Last night before bed I decided to read some of my favorite blogs before going to sleep. I think that I am definitely going to make that a habit. I had the best dream ever. S and I were somewhere with a huge bed. I was laying there and he walked over to me and pulled me over his lap. He started spanking me with his hand and it really started to turn me on. Then he reached down and started to play with my clit as he was spanking me. It was one of the hotest things I have ever dreamed before. It didnt end there though. I woke up when I was sucking him and he was spanking me at the same time. It was incredible. Needless to say, Today I have been totally horny and pent up all day! I wish S were here right now!


Southern Angel said...

Glad to see you back blogging again. :)

I have had those kind of dreams before I hate waking up! It does leave a girly worked up and craving some special time with her man. :)

x said...

I always love having sexy dreams. :) As SA says...they can be hard to wake up from. :)
padme amidala

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm I wish I had been there to give you just what you needed sweetheart... Sounded yummy

BB said...

Thanks SA!! It was a hard few weeks, but I am back and doing ok. I have those kind of dreams all the time. I dont know how to stop them. lol

I like them too sometimes, but other times they just annoy me.

I am sure we will get to have some time to have fun soon! At least I hope. I need a spanking badly. I cant wait till November.

The Guess Who # 2 said...

What a nice dream...

(there is so craving, and loving, in this dream. Just perfect.)