Tuesday, October 16, 2007

How Many is Too Many

How many spankers is too many? You see there is S, and we have a ton of fun together and he has been helping me alot. Then we will call him A, we started talking a couple years ago and he is finally moving close to me. So in December, I guess I will get what he has promised me. Then an old friend has come back into my life after about a year. We will call him N. He has never spanked me before, but we have talked about it.

So 3 spankers for one bottom. Is that too many? One can only hope her bottom can withstand all the spankings. The best thing about it, is that S is cool with the whole thing. As long as I am smart and keep myself safe. So, how many spankers do you think is too many?


Anonymous said...

Hi BB,

Three spankers? Sounds like you're going to have fun - or a hard time of it, depending on how comitted they all are to the cause ;)

Re making comments, where is everyone? Seems the whole spanking blogging world is collectively taking a breather after the LOL day :( Very few new posts from anyone and even fewer comment to read :(


Anonymous said...

A pair and a spare sounds perfect.

Southern Angel said...

Hmm, that is a good question. I guess it depends on the bottom but I hope your bottom is tough enough for three spankers! ;) As long as S is okay with it than you shouldn't have a problem, except a sore bottom. :)

emily said...

For me it would depend on the nature of my relationship with the 3 spankers. I have lots of friends in the spanking community that I interact with at parties and such just for fun. But if it were for Disciplinary reasons I can imagine it would be very frustrating having 3 different people to answer to.

Constance said...

Only when it starts to break your heart -

Dove said...

A surfeit of spankers, lucky you. I would be happy with one regular spanker though mine looks like he is ready to step up to the plate again.