Sunday, October 14, 2007

Thank You

Thank you all for your comments. I was pleasantly surprised by the number of people who commented on my LOL post. Thank you all very much. Comments make blogging so much more enjoyable.

Thank you for stopping by. I read your blog daily and love it. Thanks for the support.

Thank you for your kind words. And also for sharing your blog. I have enjoyed it.

I would love it if you would link to my blog. And I will definitely change your link. Thanks for pointing it out for me. I hadnt thought about changing it. :)

S in Dallas,
Thanks for stopping by.

You are definitely not a lurker in my book. I love your blog! Yours is one of my all time favs.

Thank you for your kind words of support. They mean a lot, and thank you for inviting me to join in on LOL.

Thank you for commenting often. I love it!

Purple Angel,
Thank you for stopping by. I am glad you enjoyed it. I enjoyed yours yesterday as well. I will definitely be back.

I am honored that you are a lurker on my blog.

Thanks! *hugs

Feel free to comment anytime or just say hi when you want to. Thanks for stopping by.

Just to put your mind at ease, yes you have commented on my blog :) I feel honored that you would read and comment. I love yours and Chris' blogs as well, definitely some of my favs. Although I think Chris needs a spanking for not posting for awhile. How about 5 swats for each day that he hasnt posted. LOL

Southern Angel,
Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. You are one of my all time favorite blogs. I really enjoy reading your blog.

Thank you for stopping by.

Thanks for stopping by, feel free to comment anytime. I read your blog daily and sometimes use it for inspiration as to what to post about.

Thank you for reading. I will check out your blog.

Welcome to my blog. Thank you for saying hi!

1 comment:

Constance said...

Padme is darling, isn't she ?
I like your suggestion for Sparkle's husband Chris ! :)
And thank you for the link ! I never knew that you had visited my blog before -
I will be back to visit yours and
Loving Annie